Meet Leslie D. Bessellieu, PhD

Dr. Leslie Bessellieu serves The Leadership Trust® with executive coaching services with a specialization in the areas of stress and time management, resolving conflict in the workplace and developing more effective styles of communication and problem-solving. Leslie’s level of caring and compassion is evident in her interactions with others, whether it’s one-on-one, in small group sessions, or large audiences. Her practical, results-oriented approach is often met with relief and satisfaction as clients/ workshop participants are able to gain valuable insights and leave with life skills that can immediately be put into practice.

Bessellieu obtained her doctorate and masters degrees in Psychology from Auburn University in Auburn, AL. A licensed, clinical psychologist, Dr. Bessellieu currently teaches in the psychology department at the University of South Carolina and brings over 15 years of clinical experience, public speaking and facilitating workshops and seminars to individuals and businesses seeking more effective and meaningful avenues to reach their highest potential.

Dr. Bessellieu is President and Founder of Transformations, a consulting company which assists corporate executives, project managers and potential leaders in the areas of organizational growth, leadership development, and cooperative conflict resolution strategies.

When Leslie wants to unwind, she heads down to her home town, Pawleys Island, to visit those family members who still reside there. She will tell you that there is no better place to enjoy the unbeatable combination of sunny beach and delicious seafood, unique only to the low country.