Meet Leslie D. Bessellieu, PhD

Dr. Leslie Bessellieu serves the Leadership Trust by helping leaders discover the most effective business solutions to facilitate change, engage employees, and boost organizational performance. An executive coach and clinical psychologist, she is passionate about her desire to help others transform their work lives. Whether delivering a keynote speech, facilitating a development workshop, leading a strategy session, or engaging in executive coaching, “Dr. Leslie” imparts practical knowledge and insight in a relaxed, yet engaging manner designed to clarify those next steps and prepare others to tackle the challenges along the way. With her guidance, clients can activate the plans that God placed on their hearts and proceed with confidence in implementing their action plans.

Dr. Leslie is intentional in integrating her knowledge of empirically-based psychological principles into her consulting work with businesses and organizations, as she assists them in creating positive, emotionally-healthy work environments conducive to fostering employee wellbeing. Her work with businesses and organizations has allowed them to:

• Explore and overcome challenges related to sustaining new change initiatives
• Examine and implement innovative ways to engage and motivate employees
• Address the developmental needs of direct reports to facilitate growth and promotion
• Develop more effective systems for providing feedback and evaluation

By creating a relaxing and welcoming environment, for more than 25 years, Leslie has been instrumental in helping individuals:

• Feel more secure and confident in their decision-making and leadership roles
• Develop insight and understanding of complex and often difficult situations
• Discover strategies to calm themselves in tense situations to facilitate critical thinking
• Recognize and resolve internal barriers to growth and success
• Consider new ways of being and doing
• Build on their strengths to face challenges and meet new goals

Leslie willingly shares her own personal history of stepping out on faith time and time again – first to pursue her dream of starting her own company 18 years ago, then moving to St. Thomas, (US Virgin Islands) in 2017 to take advantage of an incredible business opportunity with a fellow psychologist there. And most recently, being spared the direct hit of two category five hurricanes and returning to the States to rebuild and restore after losing most of her possessions in those storms.

Leslie knows what it takes to dream big, work hard, pray unceasingly and walk in faith to help others maximize their strengths and talents to develop strategic influence and lead with more effectiveness and confidence. She is here to partner with you to reach your goals for a joyful, purposeful, transformed work-life!

To relax and unwind, Leslie enjoys listening to jazz music or going out to dinner with friends. And when she has time, she often picks up a book from the stack by her bedside or heads out to harass her teenage nephews. She cherishes the time she spends in Pawleys Island, SC with her family.