Why The Leadership Trust?

Because you are worth it.

Making Your Case for Leadership Development

Whether you are the decision maker regarding investing in a leadership development program or someone eager to make a business case for your leadership development with us, take a look at these compelling leadership statistics and share as you see fit.  You’ll discover some additional research findings below that further support ROI.

Most importantly, we build leaders from the inside out. The success of The Leadership Trust® is defined by however you define your success.  We therefore personalize your workshop experience and customize your team and organizational development experience in such a way that we guarantee our work. It is notable that not a single graduate of any of our workshops has ever asked for even a partial refund since the inception of The Leadership Trust®.  This is due in part to:

  1. We include post-workshop support to ensure you not only maintain your gains, but grow them. This service is included in your workshop tuition.
  2. Our classes are purposefully small to ensure each person receives sufficient one-on-one support
  3. We tailor the program to each individual by substantive pre-workshop planning, meeting each person where he or she is in life, and then strategically guiding him or her to the next level and then the next level and the next – until the breakthrough says, “This is it!”
  4. This is not a “one size fits all” program (or “cookie cutter” as larger classes tend to be), but rather it is designed to pace measurable progress with an evolving specific outcome. Accountability support ensures lasting positive change.

Our success with you is also derived from bridging theory (academic) with practicality (applied knowledge). This was the premise Duke’s Fuqua shared with us when we formed an alliance with them back in 2004. Since the inception of our company, what we offer you today is the result of remarkable skillsets from lessons learned, which is to say that we pilot tested in our early days, employing trial and error so as to eliminate error!

As such, our various programs have evolved from thousands of hours of workshops and consulting programs with thousands of executives and managers representing diverse backgrounds and industries over decades of time while using multiple processes. We weeded out what was no longer adding value and morphed to accommodate the unique needs of our intergenerational workforce. We are humbly proud of this metamorphosis and eager to share with you to earn your trust. Our client base includes companies who have been with us since our first year because they liked the change they experienced in their first graduate. It is typical for clients to ultimately bring us onsite to work with  larger segments of their workforce, whether team building programs or organizational development projects.

Our lessons learned and overall domain knowledge span numerous specializations including emotional intelligence, collaborative communication, gap analyses, human systems, conflict resolution, ethics, multiple social psychology and personality theories, 360°+ (ask us about the “plus”) comprehensive feedback systems, a myriad of leadership and personality assessments, and innovative self-awareness. All of these processes are leveraged as powerful tools within each workshop and customized consulting programs to address your unique needs and goals.

We engage you in a collaboration of excellence because you are the one with the daily working knowledge of what goes on in your life both at work and at home. Our faculty represents a comprehensive cross-section to tailor to where you are to get you to where you need to be FAST. It is an unbeatable combination founded on trust that makes notable progress happen fast yet sustainably.

Research makes it clear investing in leadership development offers a ROI that is unequivocally measurably sound.

  • Only 15% of an employee’s career success is the result of expertise. 85% is the result of interpersonal skills. (SHRM / CNN Money)
  • Saratoga Institute reports that 80% of turnover is related to unsatisfactory relationships with the boss.
  • The link between emotional intelligence and earnings is so direct that every point increase in emotional intelligence adds $1,300 to an annual salary. EQ is responsible for 58% of your job performance. 90% of top performers have high EQ. Talentsmart

Gallup’s 2016 Management Journal’s Employee Engagement Index (via Dr. James Harter, Chief Scientist ) shows an engagement workforce has:

1) 44% lower turnover,

2) generates 33% higher profits,

3) operates at 50% higher productivity,

4) enjoys a 50% safer environment and

5) scores 56% higher in customer loyalty.

These are leadership issues, not management issues, and we address leadership issues first because that is what places a ceiling over your head as a manager. Only then do we look at operational and administrative focal points that you are now equipped to address.  You create with greater ease the buy-in and support that is necessary to meet your remaining goals.

Ask us for other statistics that make a compelling business case to support and fund your leadership development training.  Better yet, talk with us about content, processes, program guarantees, qualifications for any kind of scholarship, and payment plans.  Best yet, talk directly with our clients and former graduates about their experiences and takeaways. Or consider all three opportunities to support your making an informed business decision as you go about investing in yourself and your future.

Finally, experience our motto Impacting Relationships to Impact Bottom Line as you experience making more meaningful human connections with others at work, garnering greater respect and credibility with all stakeholders in your life. Higher productivity, morale, and retention rates translate into greater revenue.  Notice it doesn’t stop there – you will find many Trust ®testimonials speak to better relationships at home…after all, wherever you go, there you are! You’ll take your positive changes into every arena of your social life.

Interested in exploring a bit more? Invite us to speak to your senior management team members in person. [email protected]   We’re here to help!