Yes You Can Get Something – of Real Value – for Nothing!

Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on

The Leadership Trust® is offering a complimentary data collection that allows you to pinpoint potential problems. “If you don’t know, you can’t fix,” and even if you decide not to know, those perceptions of what’s not working at work are still out there and may even be occasional topics of casual conversation, thereby potentially affecting morale.   Find out what needs to change or at least manage any faulty perceptions. And if you need further help doing so, we’re here to help you.


Find out from Heather how the anonymous data collection is performed and your findings shared. You’ll be all the better for it!


Heather Kellum, MBA

Program Coordinator

[email protected]


Office: 919.484.0999

Toll Free: 888.313.2570


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